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Everyone needs someone to talk to sometimes


Therapy at Gaddum

Who is this service for?
My therapy services are available to you if you’re an adult, child or young person living anywhere across Greater Manchester.

Whatever you’re going through, talking can offer a way through it. My therapy services offer a safe space for you to do just that.

I’m here to offer you the guidance you need, through a variety of services you can use, which may be counselling or a very specific type of session.

How I can help

Adult therapy

With my adult therapy service, you can talk openly and in confidence about any issues that are bothering you. I understand there may be things in your life which are having a major impact on you. And, I’ve seen therapy give relief from feelings of low mood and anxiety, so I know it works.

I pleased to say that all my therapists are warm, non-judgemental and genuine, so you can explore what’s troubling you without the worry of being judged.

My services range from adult counselling, talking therapies, practical advice and a host of support and guidance.

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Child bereavement


Unfortunately, bereavement is something we’ll all go through at some point. I know it’s particularly hard to cope with when you’re young.

My team are here to help children and young adults (aged 5-18) in coping with life when you lose someone close.

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Palliative care

I’m here to support you as a family when you have children with a life limiting or life threatening illness.

My team will work closely with you to help make sense of and clarify thoughts and feelings, as well as helping you develop coping strategies to better handle the difficult times ahead.

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What people say about my service

I have been having counselling through Gaddum for a few years now. I find it helps me immensely and enables me to deal with what my life throws at me.


My Therapeutic Support Worker helps me massively. I always feel more positive when we have had a chat.

Palliative care client

I have struggled for many years with anxiety and depression. It felt safe to speak to Gaddum about what was troubling me and talk through my emotions. I had never done that before.

Client accessing therapy

Call me on 0161 834 6069 or send me a message to