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We value your feedback

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We value your feedback

It’s always good to receive feedback on your experience with Gaddum. It helps us ensure that we offer the best possible service to you and the people we support. We understand too that at times we cannot always meet all your expectations. Your feedback of any type is appreciated so we can improve our services.

If you would like to tell us what you think you can fill in the form to the right or send an email to

We welcome all comments, concerns, compliments and complaints about our services.

  • Comment: An observation, expression of personal opinion, or suggestion for improvement – without an expectation from the person making the comment that action is required.
  • Concern: Issues of importance, interest, or worry raised by a service user or stakeholder which they wish to be dealt with on an informal basis. Concerns do not require a formal investigation as the issues raised should be capable of resolution locally and quickly.
  • Complaint: Any dissatisfaction raised about any aspect of service provided by Gaddum which the individual or their representative (with the individual’s consent) or any person has specifically asked to be addressed through Gaddum’s 4Cs procedure. A complaint may be made by any person about concerns they have regarding the quality of service that they have experienced.
  • Compliment: Positive feedback or an expression of gratitude from a service user or stakeholder about Gaddum, a member of staff, or the service they have experienced.

Happy with our service? Why not leave us a Google review. Reviews help us to help more people like you. Please share your feedback and let us know what is working well. 


We acknowledge that there are times when we must reflect on something we have done (or have omitted to do) that may have had a detrimental impact.

In these situations, Gaddum recognises its duty to collect, analyse, review, and learn from feedback to understand what went well, what didn’t go well, and whether there were other lessons we could have learned from a situation. Gaddum will also ensure that, in these situations, we implement, track, and measure improvements to ensure they address identified issues.  A copy of our policy can be found here:

Gaddum Feedback Policy

You can submit a complaint to us via or via the link below.

Gaddum Complaints

I hate forms, I feel sure I'm going to do it wrong and so fail. My support worker filled in the application for me like it was an ordinary thing to do.


You’re the first person to seem to actually understand, care and most of all-believe me... and I hope you can understand why I’m taking the time to tell you how much I appreciate it.

Advocacy client

My counsellor was very gifted. She didn’t give solutions, but she guided me to find my own. She was very empathetic and very professional.

Counselling client