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After a bit of a boost? My grants and trust funds could come in handy

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Grants and support

Gaddum looks after a number of historical grants. These are available to provide financial support to people of all ages and from very different walks of life.

Please take a look at who each fund is able to help below, and get in touch with any queries or questions.

Mynshull's Educational Foundation

Who can it help?
Mynshull’s Educational Foundation can provide support to individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, under 30 years of age, with priority given to individuals under 25 years. The individual must live/study within the City of Manchester or it’s immediate surroundings.

What can it help with?
The fund’s provision of support includes but is not limited to:

  • Textbooks, books, stationary equipment
  • Laptops/tech required for studies
  • Uniform/clothes for non-uniformed education
  • Tools for education in specific trades
  • Music and arts provisions for accessing arts education
  • Grants towards school trips/residential

Gaddum administers the Mynshull’s Educational Foundation, a trust fund that provides grants to young people in Manchester to support them in accessing education.

How to apply
To apply for a grant, a professional supporting the young person such as a social worker, support worker or a student welfare advisor must complete an application form on their behalf and return it to Gaddum for the Trustees’ consideration.

Mynshull’s Application Form

Please send any queries, requests for application forms and completed applications to


Mynshull's History

The Mynshull’s Educational Foundation dates back to the 18th Century when Thomas Mynshull, an apothecary and philanthropist, left income from two houses in Hanging Ditch to be used to apprentice poor boys of Manchester. The two houses were eventually dismantled and replaced by Mynshull House.

Between 1900 and 1942 Mynshull’s recommended boys for scholarships to Manchester Grammar School. The charity has adapted to the changing needs of disadvantaged children and young people, and today provides grants to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Manchester to access education and pursue their educational goals.

Other grants available

Robert Bell Charity

For the benefit of people on low incomes who live in the city of Manchester.

Charity number 507162

William Cavanagh Trust

For people on low income living in Gorton or West Gorton areas.

Charity number 507162

Darbishire House Trust

For helping women who are Manchester residents. Preference is given to teachers or ex-teachers who are retraining and are unable to cover the whole cost themselves.

Charity number 234651

Pratt Charity

Small grants in support of respectable women over the age of 60 who reside in the city of Manchester.

Charity number 507162

John Royle Fund

Originally for leather workers, but now helps individuals on low income who are Manchester residents.

Satterfield Charity

Provides convalescence for people who have received hospital care. It can also be used to provide clothing or help someone recovering at home. Covers an area within 60 miles of Manchester.

Charity number 225453

Shylock Charity

For people on a low income who are over 55 years of age and living within an eight-mile radius of Manchester Town Hall.

Charity number 507162

Yates Charity

Funded from South Africa and varying from year to year. Grants are made to people on a low income who are residents of Higher Openshaw and its surrounding area.

Gratrix Charity

A fund for plumbers and associated tradesmen and their dependants who are Greater Manchester residents in need.

Charity number 228916

Ann Butterworth & Daniel Bayley Charity

Supports students under 21 years old who are studying the arts. Helps with costs directly associated with their course eg. tuition fees, educational materials, or field trips.

Only accept applications from clients themselves or professionals from statutory or voluntary organisations.

Charity number 526055

The Joseph & Ann Slater Memorial Fund

Provides funds for holidays anywhere in the UK for disadvantaged children from the Manchester area.

Charity number 210410

How to refer

Call me on 0161 834 6069 or send me a message to to request an application form and apply for funding.