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How I support adult carers

Who is this service for?
If you are a carer (or think you might be), you can refer to this service, or a healthcare professional can for you.

Who can access it?
Any adult living in Manchester or Salford.

You may be helping a friend, neighbour or relative with day to day tasks, their substance misuse, learning disability, physical or mental health. We’re here to support you if you support others.

I have a package of support tailored to your needs as a carer, ensuring you know your statutory rights and what you’re entitled to, advice and support about your own circumstances, coping mechanisms, and looking after your own wellbeing.

Where do I support carers?


With a specific contact point for carers living in Manchester, Carers Manchester is a one stop shop of advice, support and information. There is also a targeted service for young carers.

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Working with carers of all ages, carers services in Salford offer advice, support, a helping hand and a listening ear. There is also a targeted service for young carers.

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What people say about my carers service

Having someone to speak to about my caring role who understands makes a huge difference to me.


Thank you for your support and for listening without judgement. I was able to speak honestly about my role as a carer and the up and down of emotions that brings.


You allowed me time to express myself & listened attentively. For the first time in a while ‘I felt listened to & heard’. You are a star, please keep doing what you are doing.


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