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How I support adult carers

Who is this service for?
If you are a carer (or think you might be), you can refer to this service, or a healthcare professional can for you.

Who can access it?
Any adult living in Manchester or Salford.

I have a package of support tailored to your needs as a carer, ensuring you know your statutory rights and what you’re entitled to, advice and support about your own circumstances, coping mechanisms, and looking after your own wellbeing.

From one to one support sessions, to benefits advice and carers assessments.

Where do I support carers?


With a specific contact point for carers living in Manchester, Carers Manchester is a one stop shop of advice, support and information.

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Working with carers of all ages, carers services in Salford offer advice, support, a helping hand and a listening ear. There is also a targeted service for young carers.

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What people say about my carers service

Having someone to speak to about my caring role who understands makes a huge difference to me.


Thank you for your support and for listening without judgement. I was able to speak honestly about my role as a carer and the up and down of emotions that brings.


You allowed me time to express myself & listened attentively. For the first time in a while ‘I felt listened to & heard’. You are a star, please keep doing what you are doing.


If you’d like some help or advice, please send me an email to, or you can speak to one of my team by calling 0161 834 6069.