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Improving lives for unpaid carers in Manchester

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Services available for carers in Manchester

What I do
Carers Manchester is a group of organisations that I oversee and together we improve life for unpaid carers in Manchester. This can be through advice, support and guidance

Who can access this service?
You can access this service if you’re an unpaid carer living in a Manchester City Council area.

I have a range of services for unpaid carers in Manchester .

These include free advice and guidance. I also have a number of free workshops that run throughout the year. They provide you with essential tools to help with your caring role, and the chance to meet other carers who are in a similar situation.

We also have a dedicated helpline. You can contact us on 0161 543 8000 for help, support and advice (Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm except bank holidays and 10am – 6pm on Wednesdays).

My team are here to help.

What is available

Carers Manchester
This is a brilliant partnership of statutory and voluntary organisations that work together to improve services for Manchester carers.

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Young carers targeted project
Shine is a support project for all young carers aged 5-16 years old. We offer one to one support and a range of activities and events throughout the year.

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Call me on 0161 834 6069 or send me a message to