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Hi, I’m Gaddum, a charity for advocacy, carers and therapy


Who we are

We are a charity offering advocacy, carer support and therapy services to Manchester. For nearly 200 years, we’ve been a voice for people struggling to have theirs heard, a shoulder to cry on for those shouldering a burden and a helping hand for anyone helping others to cope.

We believe supporting individuals has a ripple effect on the whole community, ultimately building better futures all round. Everyone’s circumstances are unique, but whatever situation you find yourself in, We’re here to listen.

About us

What I do


Advocacy is about taking action to have your voice heard. Our Advocates are independent from the NHS and Local Authority and they’ll support you to make sure you get the care and treatment you need.

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Unwaged carers are often looking after loved ones simply because they care, but they have a tough job. Being a carer can be stressful and leave very little me time. We give help and support to those individuals helping and supporting others.

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Whatever you’re going through, talking can offer a way through it. Our therapy services offer a safe space to do just that. Get the guidance you need, with access to a range of different services, from counselling to more specific sessions.

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What people say about me

I couldn't be more grateful, you supported me during the most difficult time of my life. You listened to my most intimate feelings, emotions and thoughts. I now feel more confident and excited about the future.

Bereavement client

I would like to thank your advocate for all their advice, help and support over two years. I will forever be grateful to her and your service.

Advocacy client

I hate forms, I feel sure I'm going to do it wrong and so fail. My support worker filled in the application for me like it was an ordinary thing to do.


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