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Changing lives through Therapy - Abdul's Story

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Before I can came to therapy at Gaddum, I felt pretty desperate before asking for help, I felt really down and stuck with my life, in despair and I didn’t know why I was feeling like that. I could see that my life was going terribly wrong. I felt like I was sliding into a really dark place. I felt emotionally weak and very fragile.

Masculinity was a barrier at first, and I didn’t know that it was okay to reach out or that therapy was an option.

 I tried to struggle through and hoped it would get better, but it got worse and worse. I spoke with my doctor, they were the first person to make me aware of Gaddum. I was fortunate that the GP had a Gaddum counsellor working in the surgery, and that the doctor had that facility as a lot of people don’t have that option.

My experience of therapy was really positive. During my first phone call (assessment), I felt a huge relief because I felt like somebody understood what I was going through, even if I didn’t know. It gave me a bit of hope for the future, I wasn’t looking into the darkness anymore.

Therapy, first session-wise, it didn’t feel familiar at all. I thought “I’m just talking, how is this going to help?”

 My therapist was very reassuring at the time, she added to my hope and understanding that there wasn’t something majorly wrong with me. She helped me understand that there are different aspects of myself (such as my inner child) and made it easier for me to see that I had been very tough on myself.

The results were not always immediate in the session. I felt my emotions processing within my body, and I felt the benefits a couple of days after each session.

Since then, my life has turned around. I no longer feel like there is something wrong with me, I feel like I have returned to a happier version of myself. I’ve bounced back to a stronger position than I was in previously. I feel more in control, more empowered to take on challenges, I feel better equipped.

What would you say to someone struggling with depression or anxiety to encourage them to get support?

Go now, do it, speak to whoever is available, there are no downsides to it! I am a massive advocate for Gaddum therapy, it has been a life-saver.

*Names have been changed to protect their identity.

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