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Introducing a personal poem from one of our Carers in Salford

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This is Mags, a Carer who comes to many of our walks and get-togethers. And this is her poem about her experience as a Carer going from lockdown to freedom.


When COVID came it left us feeling alone,
no family and friends for a face-to-face moan.
The pressure of caring was so immense,
and coping with COVID so intense.

Relief came my way in the form of Zoom,
and all of a sudden
my group were in my living room!
This simple invention saved my life
and certainly relieved a lot of my strife.

Outside walks – all in our masks –
didn’t make my life such a task.
Thanks to the contact with my group,
I was very much kept in the loop.
Life didn’t feel half so bad,
and for this I was very glad.

Now everything has changed for the good.
And linking up with Gaddum?
Now everyone should.

My life as a carer is still the same,
and my enthusiasm will never wane.
There is much more help out there than you think.
And Gaddum for sure is your link.

Support for carers in Salford

Find out more about how we’ve impacted carers in Salford.

If you’d like some help or advice, please send me an email to, or you can speak to one of my team by calling 0161 834 6069.