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You don’t have to go through this alone

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Complex care for families

As the parent or relative of a child with a life-limiting or complex illness, we work with you to provide the support you need to navigate this journey.

We offer what is sometimes called ‘person-centred’ support. This simply means that you are the focus of the sessions and decide what you want to talk about. Sometimes this might be a chat about what’s happening for you and other times it might be deeper. Our therapists are specially trained to guide and help with these conversations, so you get the most out of them.

As a parent or family of a child with a complex or life limiting condition, life is busy, so we’ll discuss with you when and where the best times are for you. For many people, we understand that coming to your home can often be the easiest option. We’ll agree the best solution together.

Gaddum work in partnership with the NHS Community Children’s Nursing teams to collectively provide you with the best level of care.

If you are an NHS Community Children’s Nurse please make a referral here

Who is this service for?
We provide therapeutic support for families of children and young people with complex or life limiting conditions.

Who can access it?
This service is available in the following areas: Salford, Stockport and Rochdale.

How do I access this service?
Please contact your NHS Community Children’s Nurse, and ask for ‘a referral to Gaddum for complex care therapy’ which they will complete on your behalf. Nurses can also complete the referral form above.

What people say about my service

I have been having counselling through Gaddum for a few years now. I find it helps me immensely and enables me to deal with what my life throws at me.


I have struggled for many years with anxiety and depression. It felt safe to speak to Gaddum about what was troubling me and talk through my emotions. I had never done that before.

Client accessing therapy

My Therapeutic Support Worker helps me massively. I always feel more positive when we have had a chat.

Palliative care client

If you’d like some help or advice, please send me an email to, or you can speak to one of my team by calling 0161 834 6069.