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An employee Gaddum-versary

10th May 2024

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This week, our longest-serving team member, Nat, is celebrating her 20th year at Gaddum! Nat kindly sat down with our communications officer, Hannah, to share her favourite memories and hopes for the future.

Hannah: Thanks for chatting with me today! What led you to Gaddum initially?

Nat: I didn’t really know much about the charity – to be honest, I was just looking for a part-time admin job that gave me flexibility, since I had three young children at the time. You don’t realise until you start working, what you get attached to.

“You don’t realise until you start working, what you get attached to.”

How big was the organization when you first started?

It was very small, literally about 25 people – maybe 40 as a whole when you count the other offices!

Where were you based?

We were in the famous Gaddum House, which I loved because it was a hub of all the other offices and charities. I worked in the downstairs general office and got to see everyone who walked through the door.

“We were in the famous Gaddum House… I got to see everyone who walked through the door.”

With most people working remotely, you don’t come into contact with other people as much, but obviously the flexibility of working from home comes to benefit!

As Gaddum’s gotten bigger, has demand for its services has increased?

Yeah 100%. We used to be so small, every service was so small. Maybe the demand was there and we just didn’t know it. But it was small in every service and it’s just got bigger and bigger in every way – that’s nice to be a part of really.

Why’ve you stayed with Gaddum over the years?

It’s definitely the people, and the flexibility. The 20 years have gone quick because I have five children and had two while I was at Gaddum, so I’ve got a big family and the flexibility’s great. And when you’re in contact with clients and want to help them, you get that accomplishment when you’ve signposted them and given help and gotten good feedback.

“I’ve got a big family and the flexibility’s great.”

Has your role changed?

It’s all been admin, but I’ve worked in the counselling service, HR, business support, learning and development… so I’ve worked within different services and got to know them all. Right now I’m working on the digital archive which has been fun.

Do you have a favourite memory from your time at Gaddum?

“We did a 5k run in a Santa suit around Heaton Park. That was a bit of a feat!”

We did a 5k run in a Santa suit around Heaton Park. That was a bit of a feat- I’m not a runner but I thought because I went to the gym I’d be okay. But that Santa Suit was warm! And I love the Christmas parties and get-togethers. People have a working way, then when you’re all having fun, you see a different side to people and get to know them. There was a meditation activity at an Away Day where we had to balance a raisin on our tongue… we were all laughing and I don’t think the leader was too happy!

Where would you like to see Gaddum in another 20 years?

The main thing is, it’d be nice to see Gaddum’s name in lights a bit more, just to let more people know we’re out there.

“It’d be nice to see Gaddum’s name in lights a bit more.”

We provide so much you know. It’d be nice to see Gaddum a bit more known, up there with the other major charities.

Hopefully this interview’ll raise some more awareness! Thanks for your time and congratulations on 20 years.


Two decades at Gaddum is a huge achievement and we’re so lucky to have such dedicated members of staff on our team like Nat. A huge amount has changed at Gaddum over the years and Nat has been there to see us grow and develop the ways we support our communities in Greater Manchester. A huge congratulations to Nat and massive thank you from everyone at team Gaddum.” – Ben Whalley, CEO

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