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Delve into our world as a Carers Manchester Contact Point Support Worker describes their typical day

5th January 2024

HomeNewsA day in the life of a Carers Manchester Contact Point Support Worker

Hello – I’m Rosie, the Admin Officer for the Contact Point helpline team.  Our service assesses carers’ needs and works with them to develop and implement a support plan – a mix of advice, guidance, self-help information, signposting and referrals.

As for my rolein a nutshell, I spin a lot of plates!  I’m here to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes, to help the Coordinator triage cases to the team. There’s lots to do and it’s always very varied. I deal with incoming enquiries via email, text and social media, process professional referrals, update and organise our signposting information, send out post, and manage voicemails. When time allows, I also put together information sheets for carers, help out with updating the website and capture carers’ feedback about what it’s like to use our helpline.

I manage my day around responding to enquiries that come into the service and the needs of the team.  The middle of the day is always busy with new enquiries from carers – so I try and deal with any other tasks, such as sending out post, processing incoming referrals, and updating spreadsheets at the start or the end of the day.  Carers contact us about a myriad of issues – from Carer’s Assessments to financial issues, home adaptations to emotional support, Power of Attorney to respite care – so I always need to be on my toes. You never quite know what the next enquiry will bring!

Caring – however willingly done – can take a toll though. Our helpline supports people in all kinds of circumstances, sometimes very challenging. A big part of my role is keeping an eye out for anyone who may be at risk or in need of urgent support.  I work closely with the Coordinator to identify and fast-track these carers so they can speak to a support worker as soon as possible.

At lunchtime, I always make sure I get away from my desk and go for a walk. The weather sometimes defeats me – but I usually go, come rain or shine. It’s good to take a break, get some fresh air and recharge my batteries for whatever the afternoon brings!