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The Good Employment Charter - Member

12th December 2023

HomeNewsThe Good Employment Charter – Member

We’re a happy team, as on 7 December 2023, and after a rigorous review process, we were officially granted Member status of Greater Manchester’s Good Employment Charter.

Sounds rather grand, doesn’t it? Well, it means that we’re meeting the GEC’s seven outstanding employment practices as set out in the Charter. These include providing a workplace that is inclusive, fairly compensated, secure, flexible, and promotes health and wellbeing.

We think our Interim CEO, Ben Whalley, expresses it rather well:

“When The Good Employment Charter was first discussed, for me there was no question that we had to be a member. Providing the best employment standards for local people in Greater Manchester? Yes, we absolutely want to be part of that.”

A big thanks to Rachael, Ben and Jo from Gaddum, as well the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter, for all their hard work in achieving this accreditation.