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Grief Awareness Week Sarah’s Story

1st December 2022

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*Sarah has been accessing support from Gaddum’s Therapy Service since the summer of 2020.

After one of her children sadly passed away, she has continued with the therapy to support her mental health.

As a busy mum, Sarah has very little time for herself. She suffers with low mood, flash-backs, and the effects of debilitating anxiety from thoughts of her child dying.

She feels guilt and fear about looking after herself and treating herself. As a young mum, she also has difficulties with her identity, and not being anything more than ‘just a mother’.

With Gaddum, Sarah received fortnightly telephone therapy sessions with a qualified therapist. These gave her ‘breathing space’, and time to express and think about her feelings freely and confidentially.

She continues to use the therapy service, and Gaddum has been able to offer her children support through short-term individual bereavement therapy in school.

She says the therapy sessions are the only time she has for herself, and that the support is invaluable. After a recent session she said “I feel like I’ve let go of many heavy shopping bags”.

Sarah’s children are continuing to receive support through Gaddum’s child bereavement therapy service.

We’re here for you and you are not alone in your grief. Don’t suffer in silence. We offer child bereavement therapy, as well as mental health support.

Find out more about Gaddum’s child bereavement and other therapy here.

*To protect her privacy, we have not used Sarah’s real name.