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Advocacy Awareness Week...This is Jill's Story

7th November 2022

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*Jill had unfortunately been detained under the Mental Health Act 1983. But she really felt she didn’t need to be in hospital.

Fortunately, the hospital put her in touch with Gaddum, as we have people who can find out her wishes and speak on her behalf.

These are our Independent Mental Health Advocates – and in Jill’s case, her advocate explained she could appeal the decision. There were no guarantees, but she would have a free specialist solicitor to represent her before an independent panel.

So, the appeal was submitted, and the tribunal date came. And the decision was made that Jill could be discharged from the section. She could go home.

The change an advocate can make to someone’s life is huge.

We’re proud to be part of and supporting Advocacy Awareness Week.

*Names have been changed. To find out more about our advocacy services email or call 0161 834 6069.