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International Youth Day 2022

22nd July 2022

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This International Youth Day (Friday 12 August) – think about Young Carers. They are dedicated, inspiring, compassionate and most of all need to have time to be a kid…

Young Carers do great things for others. Not only do they help with practical things such as cleaning, shopping and cooking on a regular basis – they also assist with arranging doctors’ appointments and hospital appointments to accompany those who need their support.

Young Carers also provide emotional support to the person they are caring for. It is a well-known fact that without the help and support of Young Carers – the quality of life of the people they help look after would be compromised.

The support that Young Carers provide to others is inspiring – but sadly often unnoticed by those around them, including many professionals.

There are an estimated 800,000 Young Carers in the UK. Despite this high figure, reports from Young Carers indicate that they can feel dismissed as an expert care giver – due only to their age.

Reports also tell us that Young Carers feel forgotten and state that ‘nobody asks about them’ despite mental health issues being a major concern for Young Carers in 2022.

It is important that this is addressed, and changes can happen to improve the recognition of Young Carers and the work they do.

Our Young Carers Team provide one to one support for young people aged 5 – 24 in Salford and Manchester.

We provide a space for all Young Carers to be listened to during tough times, make new friendships and most of all be themselves.

We give Young Carers a voice to talk about what is on their minds. We have taken Young Carers to present to Salford Council members directly, invited Pharmacy Managers to listen to Young Carers thoughts on collecting medication and have a new Have Your Say group.

Through co-production we also run awesome events like skateboarding, cinema trips, days out and short breaks away during the school holidays.

If you feel you may be or are working with a young person who could be a Young Carer – get in touch at