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Gaddum are celebrating National Co-production Week 4 9 July 2022

30th June 2022

HomeNewsNational Co-production Week 4 – 9 July 2022

National Co-production Week takes place every year to highlight the benefits and impact of co-production. Co-production means organisations working in equal partnership with the people who use their services. This can include carers, family members and citizens.

We’re passionate about co-production and involving people who use our services at Gaddum and we’re grateful to the people who are involved in our focus groups, give feedback, share ideas, and help shape our organisation.

We’re really proud of Gaddum’s partnership with LUNG Theatre and The Lowry, in which we worked with young carers to design an award-winning play called ‘Who Cares’ with young carers.

The play sold out venues and toured across the UK from 2016 to 2021, including a performance at the House of Lords. It highlighted the challenges of young carers today, raised awareness and identified hidden carers across Greater Manchester and the rest of the UK.

Last month, over 100 carers got involved in designing the activities with us for Carers Fest. During the pandemic, our young carers got involved and said what groups they wanted us to run. We’ve had everything from Zen Zone (mindfulness and gratitude), Games Group, Little Carers Group (5-8), High School Group, Move & Groove, Book Club and more. We also co-produced our LGBTQ+ Carers Network with LGBTQ+ carers.

The people who designed the activities with us have had real influence on others to make sure their specific needs and experiences are met. In the future, we are looking to co-produce more events so people can get involved in the planning, development and delivery of our services and activities. Co-production is our goal and we’re excited to involve you more.

If you have any ideas about how services could work better, or ideas for new services please get in touch and get involved. Your voice is important and we are here to listen so we can shape services so they work for you. Email or call 0161 834 6069.