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Every Step Cares is Back!

12th May 2022

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Every Step Cares…

There are an estimated over 62,000 unpaid carers in Manchester, and 25,000 unpaid carers in Salford, that’s 87,000 in total, enough to fill Old Trafford football stadium and more!

Whichever football team you support, we want you to do your bit in making carers visible and valued for Carers Week 2022 (6 – 12 June).

All we ask is that you walk or run 25,000 steps (19km) for unpaid carers in Salford, 62,000 steps (47 km) or carers in Manchester or 87,000 steps (66km) for both cities.

It sounds like a lot but you can spread your walks across the week, or could start your walks the week before and spread your walks over two weeks.

You don’t have to do the full amount of steps, just walk however many steps you feel able to, it’s all for a good cause and still matters.

You don’t need to do it alone, you can combine your step count with friends, family, colleagues…that way you get your steps in together. However far you walk, run, skip or jump show us how you’re doing…

Send us your photos and selfies to Dogs are more than welcome!

Post them on our Facebook and Twitter pages, tag us and include the #CarersWeek, or #EveryStepCares, hashtags.

Happy walking and let’s make unpaid carers visible and valued.