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Trans Visibility Day 2022

30th March 2022

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We support International Trans Visibility Day on 31 March 2022.

Come along to our LGBTQ+ Carers Network on the last Tuesday of every month at 6pm.

The network is partnered with the LGBT Foundation. You can meet others and chat, either online or in person. Contact to sign up.

We are honoured to share this poem written by Clara who is part of our LGBTQ+ carers network, a proud trans-lesbian and so much more.

The Inner Me


If you could see the inner me,

tell me please, what do you see. 

A stubbly chin and a square jaw,

But if you look closer, are you sure. 


Playing rugby and rolling in mud,

Knocking them down with the heaviest thud. 

This is my life, hidden in plain sight, 

But frightened you’ll spot my feminine side. 


Growing up in a family of boys,

but secretly wanting the girly toys. 

Daddy I’m a girl, I want to say,

but I know I’ll be beaten and told I’m gay. 


Attracted to girls, helped to promote the lie,

For if anyone knew, I would have had to deny. 

But if you could see the inner me,

tell me please, what do you see. 


Gaddum is also partnered with The Proud Trust, an LGBTQ+ charity working across Greater Manchester and beyond. They have lots of resources on their website for both young people and adults.