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New A Culturally Appropriate Advocacy Pilot

30th October 2021

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Gaddum has been selected as one of 3 services across the country to deliver a ‘Culturally Appropriate Advocacy Pilot’, funded by the Department of Health and Social Care.

This means that people of a Black, Minority and Ethnic (BAME) background will be able to have improved access to our advocacy services.

According to The Independent Review, people from Black Asian and Minority Ethnic groups are more likely to be detained under the Mental Health Act than other ethnic groups, and report worse outcomes during their care and treatment.

We will enable people to have their say in their care and treatment during detention, and improve satisfaction in their care.

We will also increase access to culturally appropriate advocacy, for example if people have particular language requirements; or if people prefer to have an advocate of a particular gender etc. We will provide advocacy services to people in in-patient psychiatric settings, in the community and in one to one sessions. We will also provide training and information sessions for small organisations and community groups.

Gaddum are delivering the pilot in partnership with African and Caribbean Mental Health Services (ACMHS), and Empower Consultants.

For more information, please contact Lily Huggins, Advocacy Manager on